About Us And Our Shop

We have a shop which is located in crow lane, 2 doors away from the Co-Op.

We stock a wide range of items as well as the flower side of things.

We have a pet section which has everything you would need for your furry friends, wildlife and reptiles.  We have a wide variety of everything from bird seed, live food, hay and straw .  A hardware section which has tools and decorating supplies, if there is something we don’t have in store, we can try and get it in for you as we like to make our customers happy!  We also have a wide variety of garden items i.e weedkiller, brooms, spades and forks, compost and more!

During the colder weather we stock hats, gloves, scarfs and umbrellas to keep you dry and warm.

Where to find us: If you can’t find what you are looking for, please give us a call today on 0117 950 1424.

Or send us an email at petallsflorist@hotmail.com

If you’re having trouble finding us, please use the map below, or put BS10 7DR in your sat-nav.